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The HSMG Manifesto

At HSMG, we care just as much about what we’re doing as the why behind it.

We are here to…

  • help people make better decisions for their lives, families, and communities, by creating awareness for the people, brands, services and products that enable those better choices.
  • make people question their choices and pursue alternatives that lead to growth.
  • support brands and enable clear and open communication with the people who would benefit most from their products or services

The path forward is not linear.

It requires the compounding of intentional, consistent, and impactful actions, which deliver, reinforce, and sustain messages; build connections; and deepen relationships.

Our path

To live up to our vision, we need to align ourselves with brilliant people and powerful ideas that can change antiquated narratives and rigid constructs.

This will reveal opportunities for us to be safer, healthier, happier, and more secure, unlocking our ability to contribute to our communities and help them thrive.

We seek partnerships that are true working relationships and not afraid of conflict that can lead to greater depth and understanding.

There are emotions involved and connective tissue that forms around how we live, enact, and navigate our lives and work.

Most importantly, we set expectations and requirements to be able to engage with our team.

These requirements are a part of our formal agreements when you make us your agency of record or engage with us on a project, and not meeting them incurs financial consequences.

By choosing to even entertain the idea of working with us, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  1. You will not profit from tragedy and social movements.
  2. Your products do not include excessive refined sugars and complex synthetic compounds specifically designed to be addictive and harmful to the health and development of people of all ages.
  3. Any health and nutrition claims you make must be clinically tested and proven.
  4. Your services must not take advantage of systemic inequities.
  5. The true costs of your services must be clearly communicated and outlined. Misleading or high-pressure sales tactics and marketing messages are not to be used.
  6. You will not manipulate or misrepresent data to serve your goals.
  7. You will financially and/or through time, knowledge, and experience be contributing to social causes that address inequality, education, poverty, food security, environmental issues and/or creating opportunities for future generations to do more for this world than we can even fathom.
  8. You are seeking more than the status quo.

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