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What will we build together?

Let’s be clear, we’re not a typical marketing agency.

Partnering with HSMG results in more than simple “marketing” or “branding” or “advertising”. Sure, that’s technically what we do day-to-day, but the goal is bigger than that.

As an independent creative agency, we’re here to help people make better decisions for their individual lives, their families, and communities. How? By creating awareness for the people, brands, services, and products that enable those better choices.

What we do:

  • Create, update, and manage brands that stand the test of time by carving out unique positions in the hearts and minds of customers.
  • Strategize, design, and deploy go-to-market strategies that maximize the potential for brands, messages, and products.
  • Develop, launch, and manage integrated marketing campaigns that are measurable, scalable, and profitable.

Define. Develop.Grow.

When it comes to scaling your business, you need to create an environment for growth.


Together, we can build remarkable things. Our adaptable team is ready to dig in and start working to achieve results that matter to you.


Whose lives will we
be changing?

Are you interested in shifting human habits? Looking to do more than make a profit? We love working with businesses that care as much about their impact as they do about growth and profitability.

What would our
dating profile say?

We are an independent creative agency, a diverse and dedicated team of multi-talented creators and producers who love to partner with brands that are making a difference in big and small ways.

We also enjoy long walks on the beach and are partial to craft beverages and locally sourced food.

We are passionate about evolving and growing as individuals and being active participants in our communities.

Let's make it happen

This is your inciting incident.

It’s the part of the story where exciting things can start to happen. But it all hangs on your decision.

This is the moment where you decide whether you will cross the threshold into the unknown or stay home where it’s safe and comfortable.

What are you willing to do, or let go of, to make real change happen?