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We are systems thinkers. We understand that you need a cohesive, complete and effective suite of ideas, strategies and tools that activate and elevate your brand.

We don’t have clients. We have partnerships.

We share your passion, vision and drive to help take your brand, your message, your business — to the next level.

We could be great together.


What’s in a brand? Hot Soup Creative’s talented team of design professionals are skilled at crafting unique branded identities, beautiful designs and attention-capturing advertising.
Our services include web and graphic design, branding, and strategic marketing, advertising and awareness campaigns.




You have a message to share. We can get it out there. Hot Soup Media builds exceptional content and entertainment marketing campaigns that ensure you’re communicating the right message to the right people, every time.
We are your team for content design and creation, digital advertising and marketing, entertainment marketing, media buying, PR and community building.




How does your business afford an entire marketing team? Or better yet, a full-service marketing agency?
By partnering with Hot Soup Marketing Lab. We offer subscription-based services and commitment-free consulting to help you with your marketing needs, while keeping costs low.
We offer marketing, branding and design consultation. With à la carte and monthly subscription options, you can access agency resources for freelance pricing.



Hot Soup Venture Capital

The backing you need to realize your vision. Our venture capital firm partners with and invests in startups and small businesses that are focused on excelling in key growth areas. We’re actively seeking young businesses in the health, transportation, banking, finance and land development industries.
We focus on growth planning, strategic investments, advisory boards, angel investing and capital injections.



Our Community Investments

We Matter
Habitat for Humanity
Children's Wish
Adventure Challenge

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The Story Behind Our Identity

Integration is the key to our ability to provide you with exactly the services you need. What better way to represent this than with a circle?

The circle is complete, unified, and focused on the centre: YOU.
Each of the five sections of the circle represents a different Hot Soup team, whose involvement in your project can expand or shrink according to your needs.


Discover what is possible.

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